Golden Roast Vegetarian Duck

Vege Chicken Meat (500gm)

Roasted Chicken (250gm)

Vege Fish Ball (200gm)

RM 13.50Add to CartRM 13.50Out of StockRM 5.50Add to CartRM 5.50Out of Stock

Vege Lean Meat Currry (200gm)

Vege Lean Meat (500gm)

Vege Kidney (500gm)

Vegetarian Fungus Roll

RM 7.50Out of StockRM 10.00Out of StockRM 7.50Out of StockRM 4.30Out of Stock

HK Cha Siew (500gm)

Vege Ku Loh Meat (500g)

Vege Hong Kong Cha Siew (900gm)

Vege Chai Gor (10pcs)

RM 14.50Add to CartRM 10.00Add to CartRM 15.00Add to CartRM 12.00Add to Cart

Sheng Geng

Japansese Tofu Puff (500gm)

Vege Vietnam Spring Roll (10pcs)

Vege Soy Knot (500g)

RM 5.50Add to CartRM 0.00Out of StockRM 9.50Out of StockRM 7.50Add to Cart

Vege Soy Chip (300gm)

RM 5.00Add to Cart   

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